The show that wants to change the world

Arts for a Better World is a bold and audacious endeavor to unite a large-scale commercial exhibition with the non-profit community, to convey a compelling message about the role of art in crafting a better world for future generations.

Arts for a Better World is about discovery—not only of emerging and internationally established artists, many of whom are showing in Miami for the first time—but of the efforts by non-profit groups worldwide to provide everyone with real tools to make their mark toward creating a better world.

Arts for a Better World opens its doors to people from all walks of life—people who share a belief that art plays an integral role in shaping a stronger society, both socially and spiritually. And we don't have to deplete our savings account to enjoy the pleasure of owning valuable works of art!

Our guests will encounter an exhibition designed to create a stimulating experience.

Comprised primarily of contemporary photography, painting, sculpture and installations, Arts for a Better World presents each body of work along with a statement placing the artist in the context of the show's mission. Professionally installed and designed to enhance the discovery of the artwork at the visitor's own pace, the layout of the show will enhance our guests' interaction with a wide variety of works, from emotionally-charged photographs to abstract paintings to striking images of animals, and everything in between.

The comfortable setting includes:

  • Lounges dotted throughout the hall, offering places to reflect and rest
  • The Better World Café offers delectable organic delights and beverages
  • A separate area with special exhibitions hosted by our major charitable organizations
  • Large-scale sculptures

Artists showing at Arts for a Better World

They come from Argentina, Congo, Cuba, Ecuador, France, Great Britain, Haiti, Panama, South Africa, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, have traveled and been exhibited at the United Nations, in museums, galleries, private collections, major non-profits and corporations.

All these international artists share the desire to contribute to A Better World for future generations.

They create Art For A BETTER WORLD
...And they believe that Art can contribute to A BETTER WORLD

  • Jorge Aramburu
  • Philippe Arnoux (15000watts)
  • Osi Audu
  • David Benainous
  • David Benoliel
  • Marcus Bickler
  • David Bismuth
  • Henry Bismuth
  • Ruddy Candillon
  • Cartooch (15000watts)
  • Wang Chuan
  • Bruce Colin
  • Xavier Cortada
  • Charlelie Couture
  • Nathasha Duwin
  • Ecoworks Haitian Collective
  • Ematos German
  • Jaime Gil
  • Laurent Harari
  • Henri Kalama
  • Francesca Lalanne
  • Miguel Lombardo (15000watts)
  • Filemon Lopez
  • Jules Lusson
  • Francis Mampuya
  • Mazel&Jalix
  • Luisa Mesa
  • Deborah Mitchell
  • Venessa Monokian
  • Noel Morera (15000watts)
  • Hugo Moro
  • Brandon Opalka
  • Ross Power
  • Luis Salazar
  • Larry Silver
  • Olga Sinclair
  • Janet Slom
  • Jerome Soimaud
  • Gerry Stecca
  • Meme Ferre
  • Joe Zammit-Lucia
  • Martha Zuik

List in alphabetical order. Updated 10/20/10

Show Information

Tickets: Tickets are available at the door. Admission is $10. Free of charge at all times for children under 18, members of the Armed Forces, and Art Basel VIP badge holders.

Part of the entrance fee will be contributed to organizing field trips from Miami-Dade Schools to Arts for a Better World.

Venue: Soho Studios, located at NW 22nd Street and NW 1st Avenue, just south of Midtown, in Miami's Wynwood Arts District (map)

Tuesday November 30 6pm - 11pm
Wednesday December 1 11am - 7pm
Thursday December 2 11am - 7pm
Friday December 3 11am - 7pm
Saturday December 4 11am - 7pm
Family Day
December 5 11am - 4pm

Dates+Times: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 VIP & Press Preview, 6:00pm - 7:30pm; Opening Night Celebration, 7:30pm - 11pm (by invitation only)

Opening Night Celebration: On November 30, VIPs and invited guests will enjoy a preview of the exhibition that includes an evening of performance, fashion and culinary treats. Please contact us for more information at [email protected].

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